Another great day In Hong Kong

Great news everyone,
LiSA is going to Hong Kong!

For the very first time in history she will be giving you her best attendance with her her own event this October in Hong Kong.
news_large_lisa_art20140621_01Many dreams will be fulfilled on the 11th of October because then LiSA will have her own special fan meeting on Hong Kong.
Another great day in Hong Kong takes place in the wonderful venue of Music Zone@E-Max,
Ticket sale starts on the 4th of August at a starting price of HK$400 on
Be quick and have an amazing day in Hong Kong.
More updates on merchandising are to follow.

A note to everyone who is attending the event we will be there too,
so if you want to meet us there be sure to leave a comment below, and perhaps we can sort something out ^.^

We are looking forward to meeting you all.

AFA:ID 2014 LiSA special event update

With Anime festival Asia Indonesia nearing very very fast more information regarding LiSA’s special event has come out,
and to be honest with you all LiSAkko, those VIP tickets were a little bit too expensive so the AFA staff has made another selection of the tickets;

  • AFA:ID 2014 I Love Anisong 2 day Super VIP package with LiSA Special Event – Rp 2.250.000
    What includes the VIP I Love Anisong concert tickets for the 16th and 17th
    Autograph chance only one artist per day so that makes a total of 2 autographs.
    Exhibition + Stage access for the 15th,16th and 17th of August.
    VIP Ticket for LiSA Special Event on 23.08.2014 the thing where we are all looking forward too!
  • 16.08.2014 (Sat) VIP I Love Anisong ticket with LiSA Special Event – Rp 1.400.000
    What includes an autograph chance for one artist performing on that day;
    o   DJ Kazu
    o   Eir Aoi
    o   Hachioji P
    o   EGOIST
    Exhibition + Stage access for the 16th of August + 1 lightstick.
    VIP Ticket for LiSA Special Event on 23.08.2014.
  • 17.08.2014 (Sun) – VIP I Love Anisong ticket with LiSA Special Event – Rp 1.400.000
    What includes an autograph chance for one artist performing on that day;
    o   DJ Kazu
    o   GARNiDELiA
    o   Luna Haruna
    o   T.M.Revolution
    Exhibition + Stage access for the 17th of August + 1 lightstick.
    VIP Ticket for LiSA Special Event on 23.08.2014.


Latest Update:
ALL ticket holders will also receive an special event souvenir given by LiSA herself!
Want anything else? exclusive LiSA tour merchandise will be on sale on the day of the special event!
Want even more? Stay tuned to the website and we will keep you updated.

Picture archive June update

June has been a wonderful month, with tons of announcements.
Lets start with the fact that LiSA will definitely go to Indonesia again, and even have her own special event on the 23th of August.
The release LiVE is Smile Always 今日もいい日だっ in日本武道館,
And let’s not forget the announcement of 「BRiGHT FLiGHT / L.Miranic」a fresh new summer themed love letter.
All this amazing news has been compiled into one huge picture archive.

Full archive


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BRiGHT FLiGHT / L.Miranic

LiSA will release her 6th single 「BRiGHT FLiGHT / L.Miranic」on September 17th.
Today June 21, was the first of many LiVE is Smile Always ~ LANDSPACE ~ concerts in Tokyo Akasaka BLITZ.
At this concert she announced and sang “BRiGHT FLiGHT” song #1
The song gets you completely covered by summer senses,
“It is something to look forward to” she mentioned at the end of the concert.
There will be a DVD+CD version and a CD version,
Containing both the same content except the DVD content what are the music videos,
Considering that is it summer themed they will be a must have for every single LiSAkko.
And not to forget a special photo book
Special edition (DVD version);

  2. L.Miranic
  3. 東京ラヴソング
    ☆ To be confirmed 「BRiGHT FLiGHT / L.Miranic」DVD content.
    ☆ Photobook containing 24 「BRiGHT FLiGHT」pictures.
    ☆ Photobook containing 24 「L.Miranic」pictures.

Regular edition (CD version);

  2. L.Miranic
  3. 東京ラヴソング

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The sun is starting to shine more and more, brighter and brighter,
The summer is arriving sooner day by day with LiSA awesomeness in #LiSAMMERLAND
This summer is going to be unforgettable with LiSA returning to AFA ID with her own special event, tickets are available now!
Maybe going back to the states? going back to AFA SG? or going to a whole new country?
That is all yet to be seen.
What we know to date is that she is going to have a whole lot of concerts in Japan:

  • 2014/6/21(土)赤坂BLITZ…14:15
  • 2014/6/22(日)仙台Rensa…15:00
  • 2014/6/28(土)札幌cubegarden…15:00
  • 2014/7/05(土)福岡DRUM LOGOS…14:45
  • 2014/7/12(土)Zepp Namba…14:00
  • 2014/7/13(日)Zepp Nagoya…14:00

With them come 14 (new) LiSA goodies;

  • 1. LANDSPACE T-Shirt Black<Female/M/L/XL>¥2,500
  • 2. LANDSPACE T-Shirt Light Blue<Female/M/L/XL>¥2,500
  • 3. LANDSPACE Hoodie <S/M/L/XL>¥5,800
  • 4. LANDSPACE Keychain ¥800
  • 5. LANDSPACE Towel ¥1,500
  • 6. LiSA Wristband (LANDSPACE Ver.) ¥800
  • 7.Trading cards (LANDSPACE Ver.) ¥1,000
  • 8.Secret bag ¥2,000
  • 9.Trading card case ¥2,000
  • 10. Filled LiSA bag (LANDSPACE Ver. ¥5,600
  • 11. LiSA star light (LANDSPACE Ver.) ¥1,800
  • 12. LANDSPACE Cap ¥1,900
  • 13. Lucky LiSA coin ¥800
  • 14. 今日もいい日だっ☆ Bowl ¥2,000

Speaking about events [Road to Budokan] is releasing this week,
Road to Budokan
If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet be fast! to see and enjoy this amazing concert at home.
*Subjects might change at certain events.